Thousands of people in the United States suffer from back pain on a daily basis, and many of them are unaware that easy, effective, and affordable treatments are available. Whether you suffer from intermittent bouts of pain or you experience painful symptoms all day every day, there are a number of different ways in which you can find lasting back pain relief. In today’s post, we’re going to discuss a few of the many benefits of steroid injections for back pain.

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What Are Steroid Injections?

Before we look at the benefits of steroid injections, let’s take a closer look at what they are. As you probably gathered from the name, a steroid injection is a procedure in which an anti-inflammatory pain relief medication is injected into the spine. Steroid injections are intended to relieve the symptoms of conditions such as degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, arthritis, and other painful conditions. Although they do not correct the underlying condition, many patients are able to manage their symptoms and improve their quality of life without resorting to surgery. In fact, many of our patients are able to manage their symptoms with periodic injections throughout the year!

A few of the most common steroid injection procedures include:

While we won’t get too in-depth with explanations of each kind of steroid injection, the pages listed above have a wealth of information that can help you better understand the benefits of each procedure. Of course, you can also contact our office to schedule an appointment with our team of spine care experts if you are interested in one of these treatments.

Four Benefits of Steroid Injections

No Surgery Required

As we briefly discussed above, steroid injections are primarily used to help patients treat their symptoms without resorting to surgery. We take a conservative approach to back pain treatment here at The Spine Care Center, and we reserve major surgery for patients who cannot find relief through any other means. Even in cases in which patients do need surgery to correct a serious condition, steroid injections can provide them with pain relief until they are able to make time for a major procedure.

Consistent Pain Relief 

Consistency is key when it comes to back pain treatment. While medications, ice packs, warm compresses, and other conservative therapies can help, they often wear off throughout the day and allow painful symptoms to return. Steroid injections, on the other hand, provide all-day relief that doesn’t require any effort on the part of the patient.

Office-Based Procedures

Surgical procedures usually require patients to stay under supervision in a hospital, but steroid injections are office-based procedures done in the comfort of our own procedure suite. Unlike surgery, patients do not need to deal with a hospital when they receive steroid injections from The Spine Care Center. Instead, steroid injections are done in our specialized procedure suite by spine experts that perform injections everyday. Since our spine specialists spend a great deal of time doing injections each day, they are both efficient and extremely proficient with the procedure.

The comfort of patients comes first at The Spine Care Center. For that reason, our experts are board-certified in anesthesia, so we can offer mild conscious sedation to make patients more comfortable and experience less pain during their steroid injections. Steroid injections are done in the comfort of our office and when you receive them from The Spine Care Center in Manassas, they are performed in a manner as pain-free as possible. If you have received steroid injections somewhere else, then consider getting injections done at The Spine Care Center to see the difference sedation can make to the procedure.

Expedited Recovery

You will need to rest and take it easy in the hours following your steroid injection. You may have some soreness or discomfort that can be managed using over-the-counter medications and ice. In most cases, you will be able to return to your normal activities the next day. Your spine doctor will provide you with additional information about what you can expect.

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We hope that today’s entry will help you determine if a steroid injection could be an effective form of back pain treatment. We will be looking at many of the procedures listed above in more detail in the coming weeks and months, so be sure to follow our blog page and social media channels for the latest updates!

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