Do you sit for long periods of time? Do you find it difficult to make time for exercise due to a jam-packed schedule? Many Americans answer “yes” to both questions, and their well-being suffers as a result.

We discussed many of the negative health effects that a sedentary lifestyle can cause in a previous post, so be sure to catch up on that information if you haven’t seen it. In today’s entry, we’ll take a look at a few easy-to-implement ways you can get moving and counteract the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

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How to Break Out of a Sedentary Lifestyle

Switch Up Your Workstation

Working a desk job is the primary reason why most Americans aren’t getting enough exercise, and addressing the root of the problem is a great way to break out of the cycle. Start with your desk — do you have the option to raise and lower it throughout the day? While you don’t want to stand in one position for the entire day, switching between standing and sitting is a great way to switch up your posture, stretch your legs, and promote better circulation. Your employer may be able to provide you with a standing desk, but if they can’t, then you could consider purchasing one an investment in your long-term well-being.

Another way to switch up your workstation is to use an exercise ball or stool instead of a chair. Most chairs allow your spine to bend in unnatural ways that eventually lead to painful symptoms, and switching to something like an exercise ball is a good way to keep your core engaged throughout the day.

Make Walking a Priority 

Walking is one of the best ways to get your body moving, but many people don’t feel like they have time during the day to stretch their legs. The truth is that you do have time, but you just need to make room for it in your day. For instance, many people take short walks outside during their breaks, and others have found that they can use Bluetooth devices to get up and walk around the office whenever they’re on the phone. If you truly don’t have time in your day for one or two short walks, then try to schedule one into your evening — putting in your headphones and walking for just 20 minutes is better than nothing at all!


Stretching is another great way to break out of a sedentary rut, and we recommend combining it with the previous two suggestions for even better results. Many of our patients suffer from back and neck pain, and while movement is one of the best back pain treatments available, stretching can provide even more relief. You can stretch while you watch TV and wind down for the evening, and you might even find that you sleep better and wake up feeling less sore after a stretching session.

Enlist a Friend

If you’re trying to lose weight and get active, finding a partner is one of the best ways to hold yourself accountable. Your coworkers are a great place to start, as many of them probably want to change their lifestyle as well. You can take a walk around the perimeter of the office during your lunch break, or you can find three or four days each week to meet at the gym either before or after work. Either way, you’re much more likely to stick to your goals when someone else is counting on you.

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