Back pain affects people of all ages, and at The Spine Care Center, we know that finding relief can be a long and difficult process. In today’s post, we’ll provide you with a few easy and effective ways you can relieve your back pain.

Back pain isn’t always responsive to at-home treatments, so get in touch with The Spine Care Center if your back pain continues despite your attempts to alleviate it without professional help. Our talented spine doctors can help you find non-invasive back pain treatments that target your pain at the source.

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Easy Back Pain Treatments

Stay Active

When your back hurts, it’s easy to want to stay on the couch or rest for the remainder of the day. However, extensive research has shown that inactivity can actually do more harm than good in the long run. Your muscles tense up when you sit or lie down for long periods of time, which can further exacerbate the painful symptoms caused by some back conditions. 

Never engage in physical activities that make your pain worse, but do your best to stay up and active using good posture. Take short walks throughout the day, practice light yoga exercises, or simply do whatever your specific circumstances allow.


In addition to maintaining an active lifestyle, you should make room in your day for light stretching and mobility work. Stretching properly has been shown to alleviate tension and reduce the risk of chronic conditions developing, so try to work at least 15 minutes of stretching into your daily routine. You may need to contact a physical therapist or trainer to learn how to stretch properly, but the cost will be well worth the benefits.

If you are already familiar with gentle stretches for your back, be sure that you remind yourself of these key points:

  • Wear comfortable clothing that won’t hinder your flexibility or restrict your range of motion.
  • Stretching should never be painful. While stretching tight muscles isn’t always easy, you should stop performing an exercise if you feel any pain or unusual discomfort.
    Stretch slowly to avoid strains and tears.
  • Hold your stretches for 15 to 30 seconds each, and repeat each stretch between two and five times. Studies show that most muscle groups loosen up after four repeated stretches, but you may need to keep repeating certain movements if your back is particularly tight.
  • Stretch one side of your body at a time.

Use Heat and/or Ice

If your back pain won’t subside after stretching and exercising, then try using heat and/or ice for 15 minutes at a time. Heat is generally used to relieve tight muscles, while ice is great for soothing painful areas. If you aren’t sure whether your pain is being caused by muscle tension or another condition, then try alternating heat and ice. Be advised that you should always place some kind of barrier between your body and the heating or cooling element you use for back pain treatment. 

Try Over-the-Counter Medications

Over-the-counter medications are great for anyone who needs to control their symptoms, but they shouldn’t be used for long periods of time. Anti-inflammatory medications pair well with other forms of back pain treatment, including the ones discussed in this article. Keep in mind, however, that these medications treat the symptoms rather than the cause of your back pain, so you should plan to speak with a spine doctor about your symptoms if you find yourself relying on over-the-counter painkillers frequently. If you have not yet started using over-the-counter pain relievers, consult with your health care provider before adding any new medications to your regimen.

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