Back pain is one of the most common ailments in America, and at The Spine Care Center, we want to help our readers combat back pain in any way we can. In today’s post, we’ll provide you with four easy ways to improve your back health.

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How to Improve Your Spine Health

Get a Better Bed 

Normally, sleeping allows your spine to decompress after a long day of supporting your body. However, if you wake up with a sore back and tight muscles, then you could almost certainly benefit from investing in a new bed and/or pillows.

Many people have the idea that a mattress is a mattress, but the kind of mattress you buy should be designed to support your sleep style. Adjustable beds can be a great solution for those who suffer from back pain, as they allow you to adjust both the upper and lower portions of the bed until you’re completely comfortable. If you’re not sure which bed or pillows will be right for your back, then get in touch with the spine doctors at The Spine Care Center and we’ll be happy to make a recommendation for your specific circumstances.

Do Core Exercises

Your core is comprised of your lower back muscles as well as your abdominals. When properly trained, these muscles support your back and can relieve the pressure put on your lower back. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Americans do not regularly engage or train their core muscles, which can lead to poor posture, back soreness, and other spine conditions.

It’s important to ensure that you’re performing core exercises with good form, so you may want to invest in a personal trainer or watch video tutorials that can help you perform each exercise correctly.

Invest in Massage

There’s almost nothing quite as nice as a massage after a long week, and it turns out that massage also has a number of benefits for those who suffer from back pain. In addition to relieving stress, massage can also encourage blood flow and relieve muscle tension throughout your back. If you can’t invest in regular massages from a professional, then you may want to consider investing in a chair that can provide you with some of the same benefits.

Limit the Time You Spend Sitting

Many Americans work desk jobs for at least 40 hours each week, and in most offices, employees don’t have the opportunity to switch between sitting and standing. Sitting compresses the spine and can lead to and/or aggravate back conditions, so do your best to break up the amount of time you spend sitting throughout the day. For instance, try to take a short walk around the office every 30 minutes or so, or raise and lower your desk periodically throughout the day. If you choose to stand, then make sure that you’re standing with your knees slightly bent and that you’re not having to look up or down at your monitor.

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