Spine surgeries are complex procedures and unfortunately, they don’t always help patients find relief from back pain. To increase your chances of a successful surgery, it is vital that you choose the right spine surgeon for you and your condition. At The Spine Care Center in Manassas, our spine doctors will walk you through your options and help ensure that you receive the proper treatment for your condition.

In today’s post, we will discuss some things you may want to consider when selecting a spine surgeon. Be sure to think about these things when you choose the surgeon for your procedure.

Surgery Load

Studies show that the more often a surgeon performs a surgery, the less likely it is for a patient to have poor results. When picking a spine surgeon, you should choose someone who only does spine surgery and does several hundred spine surgeries each year.

If you know what type of surgery you need or are looking for, you should choose a surgeon who does that surgery often and has a good track record of results following the procedure. Ask your prospective surgeon how many of the surgeries they do each year during your appointment to get a better understanding of their expertise with the procedure.


In addition to how busy they are, remember to ask how long your surgeon has been practicing. A surgeon who has performed a surgery for years knows what type of patient benefits from a procedure. They know how to perform the surgery safely and efficiently. So, when looking for a surgeon, be sure to ask how long they’ve been performing surgery.


Both orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons perform spine surgery and both types of surgeons can provide great results. However, you should be sure that your surgeon has completed specialized fellowship training and has achieved board certification in spine surgery. This dedicated training time is vital to good patient outcomes, so look for a surgeon who has completed this training.

Bedside Manner

Training and experience are important, but if you don’t feel comfortable with your surgeon, you shouldn’t undergo surgery with them. Your surgeon should make you feel included in your care and carefully answer your questions. They should put you at ease about your surgery and recovery. It is your personal health at stake, afterall!

You should also avoid a surgeon who seems to be pushing surgery before trying other treatment methods. Spine surgery should only be used when other techniques don’t relieve your pain. A responsible surgeon won’t push you to surgery too soon.

Malpractice History

Another great tool to check out your prospective spine surgeon is to to see if they have any serious malpractice history. On the Virginia Department of Health Professions website, you can check your spine surgeon’s malpractice history to see if there have been any malpractice judgements, settlements, and/or any board actions taken against their licensing.

At the Spine Care Center in Manassas, our spine surgeon Faisal Siddiqui, MD has more than 15 years of experience and a perfect track record of providing minimally invasive and advanced spine surgeries. He completed specialized training in minimally invasive surgery and performs hundreds of surgeries each year. Dr. Siddiqui has done thousands and thousands of surgeries over his career. You can rely on his experience and knowledge to help you determine if spine surgery is right for you.

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