Just because back pain is common, doesn’t mean that it is normal. You can avoid back pain now and in the future by taking steps to care for your spine today. Little habits add up quickly, and they can help you stay active and pain-free for years to come!

In today’s blog, we will cover some everyday habits recommended by the back and neck pain experts from The Spine Care Center in Manassas. Use these healthy habits to help keep your back and neck healthy. If you do experience back pain, then contact our spine doctor in Manassas for treatment.

Get Moving

There’s nothing worse for your back than a sedentary lifestyle spent sitting. Be sure to make some time every day to get up and move, whether you go for a walk around the block, spend an hour gardening, or lift weights in the gym. A little exercise can help keep your core muscles strong, which contributes to better posture and better spine strength.

As you perform any exercise, keep the health of your back in mind. Remember to always maintain a straight spine when you bend or lift. If something hurts your back, stop doing it or adjust your posture.

Use Technology Correctly

Whether you are looking at a phone, tablet, or computer, you should keep the device at eye level so you don’t have to bend your neck to look at it. If necessary, raise your computer at work or home so you can maintain good posture. This is an extremely simple way to care for your spine.

Stretch Frequently

A good stretch can help keep your back muscles from becoming tight and reduce your risk for injury. Try to stretch your back throughout the day, and start your day with a longer stretching session in the morning. You should also stretch at work a few times per day and even in the evening when you are relaxing. Keeping your back loose can help you feel better and improve your range of motion.

Invest in Comfort

We all have limited budgets for furniture, clothes, and other items. However, if it is an item that comes between you and the ground, it’s worth investing in. The right support can help your back stay pain-free longer. When it comes to caring for your back, remember to purchase high-quality:

  • Mattresses with excellent support
  • Shoes that fit you well
  • Ergonomic chairs for both home and the office
  • Floor mats if you need to stand for long periods of time
  • Pillows that cushion your neck in a natural position

Spending a little more on these items can have a big payout when it comes to your spine health.

Seek Help Early

If you do happen to experience back pain, don’t wait for it to get worse or prevent you from completing your daily activities. Seek out treatment early when pain medicines and physical therapy alone are more likely to help. The longer you wait, the more likely it is you will need a more invasive treatment to resolve your back pain.

At The Spine Care Center, we offer a full range of treatments to get you back to your activities of daily living. Team up with our spine doctor and don’t let back or neck pain keep you down. Call The Spine Care Center in Manassas today at (703) 257-2266 or request an appointment online.

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