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The Spine Care Center provides comprehensive treatment for spine conditions, performed by skilled, experienced, and well-respected specialists. For over twenty years, we have helped thousands of patients suffering from debilitating back pain feel reinvigorated and get their lives back with our conservative treatments and minimally invasive procedures. Are you ready to say goodbye to your back pain?

Meet Our Experts
  • Deeni Bassam, MD
  • Deeni Bassam, MD Board Certified, American Board of Anesthesiology Certificate of Added Qualification Pain Management Board
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  • Faisal A. Siddiqui, MD, FACS
  • Board Certified, American Board of Orthopedic Surgery Minimally Invasive Surgical Spine Specialist Faisal Siddiqui, MD, FACS, is a board
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  • Sohail Safdari, PA-C
  • Board Certified, American Academy of Physician Assistants Sohail Safdari, RPA-C joined the Spine Care Center team in 2009. Northern Virginia
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  • Darryl Markowitz, PA-C
  • Board Certified, Physician Assistant Active Fellow Member, American Academy of Physician Assistants Active Fellow Member, Northern Virginia
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  • Usman Zafar, MD
  • Board Certified, Interventional Spine Specialist Certificate of Added Qualification Pain Management Usman Zafar, MD Usman Zafar, MD is board
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  • Christopher Lotfabadi, PA
  • Board Certified, American Academy of Physician Assistants Chris is a Northern Virginia native, growing up in the Fairfax area. He is a
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Your spinal health is the key to your well-being, helping you to be mobile and have an active lifestyle. However, many conditions can affect your spine, causing chronic pain that can be debilitating. The Spine Care Center can help you to manage a variety of conditions to give you relief and a better quality of life. Spine surgery near Bristow VA can help you to get the most out of every day. Learn more about how a spine doctor near Bristow VA at the Spine Care Center can help you.

Arthritis of the Spine

Arthritis of the spine occurs when you have inflammation along your spinal column. As with any other part of your body, this condition can cause considerable pain, limiting your range of motion, keeping you from doing the things that you love to do the most. It can make you suffer from back and neck pain near Bristow VA. The Spine Care Center can assist you with remedies that will relieve your discomfort.

Learn more about Arthritis of the Spine


Sciatica results when a disc presses on your sciatic nerve, resulting in numbness, tingling, and pain. Address this condition and additional cervical disc pain near Bristow VA with help from a spine surgeon at the Spine Care Center.

Learn more about Sciatica

Cancer Pain Management

Cancer can have a traumatic impact on your body, including your spine. If you are suffering from pain related to your illness, find out what the Spine Care Center can do for you.

Learn more about Cancer Pain Management

Musculoskeletal Pain

A host of conditions can cause pervasive pain that affects your musculoskeletal system. Fibromyalgia, lupus, and other chronic illnesses can mean pain is your constant companion. The Spine Care Center has many options that could make a difference for you.

Learn more about Musculoskeletal Pain


Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine that affects many individuals. Depending on how severe it is, you may experience considerable pain. Surgical intervention at the Spine Care Center could make an improvement.

Learn more about Scoliosis

Pinched Nerve

A pinched nerve is the result of pressure applied by a disk that may have slipped in position or is bulging. If other treatment options are not effective, surgery may be the answer.

Learn more about Pinched Nerves

Degenerative Joint Disease

Degenerative joint disease is a condition that results in the gradual deterioration of your joints, including your vertebrae. The Spine Care Center has creative methods that can give your spine the support it needs.

Learn more about Degenerative Joint Disease

Facet Disease

Facet disease affects the joints that are found between each of the vertebrae in your spine. Inflammation and deterioration can occur. Look for solutions at the Spine Care Center.

Collapsed Disc, Herniated Disc, and Disc Extrusion. Whether the discs in your spine collapse, becomes herniated, or is extruding, the end result is major discomfort. Find relief for disc pain near Bristow VA with help from the dedicated team at the Spine Care Center.

Learn more about Facet Disease

Diabetic Neuropathy

For victims of diabetes, nerve damage can result. This causes excruciating pain that is constant. The Spine Care Center offers options for pain management.

Learn more about Diabetic Neuropathy


Neuralgia is an extremely painful condition that affects a particular nerve. It strikes most often in the face or the head. This condition often is rooted in a problem in the spine. Let the Spine Care Center get to the bottom of why you are suffering neuralgia in order to help you overcome your pain.

Learn more about Neuralgia